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NEW!! I've updated two of my lots so they work with the Apartment Life expansion pack - added 10/11


Toilet Chairs - added 6/16
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Trees with a little extra - added 5/30

Director's Chairs - added 5/20

Plaid Boxers for Adult Males - added 4/17

Outdoor Pool & Barbecue Set - added 4/10

New ground covers - added 5/9
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Flagstone Pool Planters (to match the Outdoor Pool & Barbecue set) - added 4/15
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Coral Reef - added 4/2
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The Sims 2 Bon Voyage  Buy it at Amazon now!

The Sims 2 PETS Buy it at Amazon now!

Be sure you are ready for this Expansion Pack (or any other expansion pack) BEFORE you install it.  Click here for some guidelines from Dr. Pixel.

NOTE: I am slowly going thru my objects to see which ones need special versions for OFB, so stop back and see which ones I update.  Some things, like cloned refrigerators and grills, no longer work in OFB ... and the OFB version will not work without OFB, so I am making two versions of these, so be SURE you download the right one for your game. The different versions of the objects have the same name and same GUID number, so you cannot have both in your game at the same time. Whichever one you download will replace the other one, assuming you put them in the same place.

NOTE 2: OFB users, click here to find out how to make all of your custom content shelve-able!

**** Order Open for Business at Amazon  ****

IMPORTANT NOTE: NUMENOR HAS CREATED A NEW CEP8 WHICH INCLUDES ALL OBJECTS, UP THROUGH THE FREE TIME EP.  However, he wants that downloaded ONLY from this page at ModTheSims2, so if you want to see recolors of Nightlife, OFB, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, or Free Time items that originally only offered one color, you will need to go there and download that.  Otherwise, if you don't have Nightlife, OFB, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, or Free Time you can continue to use this CEP2 file, but Numenor says he is no longer offering support for it.  Note that any object on my site that shows this "Color Enabled Package" icon, will NOT show in your game unless you have CEP2 or CEP8 installed.

  <<< Items with this icon require CEP2 or CEP8  

  <<< Items with this icon require the new CEP8

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Maxis has released patches that address the bugs in the Sims 2 and all expansion packs.
Go here to download the patches

Read my review  of Sims 2 Family Stuff and see screen shots.

Expansion Pack Notes:

  • I've also added some info related to problems I've found, concerning expansion packs and Custom Content, so if you aren't seeing all your custom objects or some of them are flashing blue, read this
  • I'm happy to inform you that Quaxi's nudity deblurrer that he made for Night Life still works after installing Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, and Free Time.  Here's a link to Quaxi's fix at SexySims2. (You must be 18 to access this site.)
  • Oh, and one more thing - when you install any expansion pack, your graphic options may be set back to very low settings, so go into the graphic options and reset them all to what works best with your video card. (and don't forget to turn on the "reflections" so your mirrors work!)  Also, check out the other options in there and be sure they are ALL set the way you want them.  But, remember, the more you turn on, the slower your game runs.

I officially retired from being a Featured Artist at The Sims Resource in October, 2005. From now on, all of my stuff is available here instead.

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